Tsavkko Garcia, Raphael
Publication year: 2021

Despite global progress, the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana for adult use in Brazil is still far off on the horizon. Even medical marijuana access continues to be embattledBrazil recently suspended the pharmaceutical authorization of Abrace, one of the few legal routes for obtaining medical marijuana within the country.

To give Brazilians a more complete, accurate picture of marijuana use, clinical therapists Maria de Lourdes Zemel and Luciana Saddi compiled the newly published anthology Maconha: Os Diversos Aspectos, da História ao Uso (Marijuana: The Diverse Aspects, From History to Use). The collection of articles spans topics including history, addiction, legalization battles and spiritual and ritualistic functions. It also debunks the false claim that marijuana is a gateway to other drugs.

Full article at Filter Magazine’s website. Date of publication: 01/04/2021.

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